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Weed Abatement Contractors

NOTE: This list of contractors is for your convenience only and does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation for use by the Vacaville Fire Protection District, the Vacaville Fire Protection District accepts no responsibility for damages or liabilities of any kind which may be claimed as a result from the use of this handout.

  • AAA Services Full Lawn Maintenance: Telephone (707) 446-7933 (Tractor Mowing, Tree cutting)
  • Elkhorn Trench & Tractor:Telephone (916) 678-9343 (Mowing, Tilling, Scraping, Trenching)
  • Pete DeGracia: Telephone (707) 446-7527 (Mowing, Discing)
  • Gary Dettling Farms​​​​​​​​​​​​​​: Mobile (916) 761-0191, Pager (916) 697-4961 (Row crops, Weed abatement, General ground work, General farming, Ponds)
  • Glaser Pest Control: Telephone/Fax (707) 678-9156 (Soil sterilization, Fire breaks)
  • Tractor Bill: Telephone (707) 447-0379 (Trenching, Rototilling, Mowing, Discing)
  • Tony's Field & Brush: Telephone (707) 448-1871 (Mowing, Discing, Tilling, Grading)
  • Wellman & Company: Telephone (707) 429-3198, Mobile (707) 486-2314 (Discing work)

For additional business consult the SBC November 2005 issue, page 403-404

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