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Volunteer Firefighter

The District is always accepting applications for Volunteer Firefighter.

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POSITION: Firefighter (Volunteer)

DUTIES: This is a non-paid, entry-level position. Under the supervision of Officers, Firefighters respond to fires, rescues, medical assists, natural disasters, and other related emergencies and take appropriate action to mitigate threats to life and property.
Firefighters also assist in public fire education and various community service projects.


  • at least 19 years of age
  • valid driver’s license and clear DMV record
  • good physical condition
  • clear criminal record
  • attend volunteer county fire academy or equivalent


  • oral interview
  • physical ability test

Note: Successful candidates will be subject to a background investigation prior to appointment.


Following appointment, Firefighters will be placed on a 24-month probationary status, during which time they will be trained in:

  • Department policies and procedures
  • basic fire chemistry
  • use of protective equipment
  • use and care of apparatus and equipment
  • basic firefighting operations and tactics
  • first aid and CPR


The Vacaville Fire Protection District holds two drills a month, scheduled on the first and third Monday. Drills start at 7:00 p.m. and end at 9:30 p.m. Attendance is mandatory for all drills and excuses will be considered for those members who work, illness, or for an immediate family member who is ill. The reason shall be given to your Captain as soon as possible (no more than one week after the drill missed) for consideration as a legitimate excuse.


All members of the Vacaville Fire Protection District are expected to report to all calls in their response area. As a member, this is what you are trained and have obligated yourself to do.
Members who are known to have been available and did not respond, may be brought before the Assistant Chiefs for counseling and dismissal if determined that responses were frequently missed for unexcusable reasons.