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Our Team

The Vacaville Fire Protection District is a combination volunteer/paid department with six paid personnel and approximately 65 volunteer firefighters. Our paid staff oversees day-to-day operations of the department in addition to responding to emergency calls during business hours. 

Volunteer firefighters are held to the same training and accountability standards as their paid peers, but must complete this obligation in addition to maintaining their full time jobs, families, and other responsibilities. Our volunteers do not receive stipends or compensation of any kind. We find these volunteers to be a priceless resource for the community. Becoming a volunteer firefighter is truly a noble calling.

All personnel who serve this department are issued basic protective equipment, and must purchase duty uniforms and other items independently. Firefighters are required to attend training drills on the first and third Mondays of every month in addition to responding to emergency calls 24/7.  However, our firefighters pursue additional training both internally and external to the department on a regular basis to maintain skills.

Our department has a structured leadership design, with the Board of Directors having ultimate authority over department priorities and budget. 


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