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Fourth of July: District members patrolled the District on Independence Day from 7-11 p.m. It was a quiet night; however, despite the extremely hot day and dry vegetation, a few residents still thought it was okay to set off fireworks. Thank you to everyone who participated in the annual fire patrols.

May 29 - Vaca District took part in the Fiesta Days Parade and placed 2nd in the Antique Auto category. Thanks to everyone who participated and helped prepare the units for display. And, a special thanks to Smokey.

May 17 - The last two volunteer firefighters from this year’s recruitment joined the District. 1 assigned to Station 64 1 assigned to Station 65.

May - Luke Wurzel (Station 68) was promoted to the position of Fire Engineer.

Apr 28- Baskin Robbins held its fourth annual 31¢ scoop night on April 28. Vaca District Firefighters and Vacaville City Firefighters helped scoop ice cream from 5 to 10 p.m. A big thank you to those who participated and to Jason Keune for helping to coordinate this annual fundraiser.

May - During the month of May, we will be finishing the new recruitment process. 2 new recruits @ Station 65.

Apr 16 - Our special thanks to everyone who worked at the joint Yolo/Solano dinner at Station 65 on the 16th and those who solicited raffle prizes beforehand. There was close to 100 people in attendance and everyone there had a great time. The food was absolutely delicious.
Winters FD enjoyed themselves so much that they have already volunteered to host the joint dinner in 2011.

Mar - Buck Stew - Buck Stew: As usual, the dinner was well attended. Close to 200 guests filled the Elmira Fire Station this year. You know it’s good food when attendees line up with their red Ace Hardware buckets for a chance to get leftovers. Hats off to our cooks. The meal could not have been better. Our special thanks to everyone who helped make this event so successful.

Mar 2010 - In March Firefighters LuMaye and Fletcher were promoted to the position of Engineer.
Congratulations Patrick & Joe!

New members:
Station 64 – 3
Station 65 - 5
Station 67 – 1

Jan - Awards Ceremony - CONGRATULATIONS to our 2009 Firefighter of the Year, BC Willy Smith, and Junior Firefighter of the Year, Sarah Breiling. Those who attended enjoyed a delicious Mexican dinner and the year end video.

Oct - Muster Team: Members of the District's muster teams came back from the state championships with smiles on their faces after having placed in the following categories:
  • 1" Place for our Women's Team in Motorized Hose Wagon, Women's Speed Division, Class II
  • 2nd Place for our Men's Team in the Motorized Hose Wagon, Men's Open Speed Division, Class II.

Sept. 11 - Remembrance Ceremony: Several District members attended the solemn observance at
Station 64 to honor and remember the victims of September 11, 2001. The flag was lowered, the station bell was rung, and a moment of silence was observed.

Aug 28 - Early in the morning of August 28, Brush 67 left town with a Captain and 2 Firefighters enroute to the Station Fire in Los Angeles. An Assistant Chief also responded in 6403 as the OES Strike Team Leader. Then, on the 30th of August Vacaville District sent another unit to the Station Fire. Engine 357 was staffed with a full crew. The AC and B76 returned to Vacaville on Friday, September 4. A relief crew for E357. This unit was released and returned to Vacaville on the 9th

Aug 13 - Before the sun rose on Thursday, August 13, two District units left Station 64 en route to the Lockheed Fire. As part of an OES Strike Team, Brush 65 with 3 personnel plus Engine 265 with 4 personnel headed towards the wildfire burning in Santa Cruz County. They joined hundreds of firefighters battling the wind-driven flames. Engine 265 returned to Vacaville on the 17th and Brush 65 on the 20th

Sep 11 - Vaca District resolved Never to Forget and annually conducted a brief tribute to those who were killed in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, especially the fallen firefighters.

Oct 3 - Open House Station 64 (10 a.m. - 3 p.m.). There will be various demonstrations; such as auto
extrication, fire extinguisher demonstration, static display of vehicles, or barbecuing. Junior firefighters will perform a hose demonstration. It's sure to be a fun-filled, educational day.· Free barbecued hot dogs will be served at lunchtime.

Aug - Mustier Team Update
Virginia City: And the winners are, Vacaville Fire District:
1st place, Open Division: Class II, Motorized Hose Wagons, Speed Class
2"d place Women's Division II, Motorized Hose Wagons, Preservation Class

July, 2 more new volunteer firefighters  joined Vaca District.

Sept. 26 - Solano County Firemen’s Association Picnic

Aug. 6 - 25th Annual Children’s Party @ Vacaville Museum (10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.)

The Muster Season has begun and our Team attended the Lincoln Muster on the18th and 19th of July. They came back winners:
  • 1st place Women’s Division II, Motorized Hose Wagons, Preservation Class
  • 3rd place Open Division: Class II, Motorized Hose Wagons, Speed Class

7/4/2009 - Independence Day - Approximately 16 members patrolled the District on the 4th of July. Although relatively quiet, crews responded to a fireworks-caused fire on Meridian Road and helped City firefighters extinguish fireworks-related fires on Vine Street

New Members: In June, 9 new volunteer firefighters joined Vaca District: Station 64: 3 Members / Station 65: 3 Members / Station 67: 2 Members / Station 68: 1 Member

5/7 - OES Mutual Aid - Fire Season started early this year. On the 7th of May Engine 357 left town en route to the Jesusita Fire in Santa Barbara with 4 members. Utility 64 also responded as Strike Team Leaders with 2 members. Both units returned to Station 64 on Thursday afternoon, May 14. Early the next morning Brush 64, staffed with 4 VFPD members, also left town on the way to Santa Barbara. Brush 64 was released on Friday, May 15.

4/25, 2009  - Winters Youth Day.  The Vacaville Fire Protection District participated in their annual parade.  www.wintersyouthday.com

4/29 - Baskin-Robbins 31 cent Scoop Night.  The District participated with the City of Vacaville in the annual 31 scoop night.  5pm -10pm at the local Vacaville Baskin-Robbins locations.  www.baskinrobbins.com/firefighters

5/9 - Dixon May Fair Parade.  The Vacaville Fire Protection District participated in their annual parade.  www.dixonmayfair.com

5/10 - Mothers Day. 

5/16 - Child Safety Day.  Pacific Service Credit Union is hosting a child safety day at 950 Mason Street from 10am to 2pm.  The Event was rescheduled to a later date.

5/23 - Vacaville Fiesta Days Parade.  The Vacaville Fire Protection District participatied in their annual parade.  www.fiestadays.com

10/25 - The Harvest Days, VFPD Sponsored, Chili Cook Off was heald at the Nut Tree Plaza on Saturday, October 10th.   There were 4 delicious entries.  The Seagraves  was on display all day.

10/13 - OES 244 responded to assist with the Southern California fires and was assigned to the Sesnon fire

10/10 - B64 as a part of a Solano County Strike Team responded to the Deer Park fire in Napa County.

9/20 - Vacaville’s Kid Fest was held on September 20th at Andrews Park. The Fire District collaborated with the City of Vacaville Fire Department offering children an opportunity to learn about fire safety in an interactive, fun way.  We also assisted in answering questions and helping families learn how to prevent fires and what to do if a fire occurs.

9/11 - On September 11th, Vaca District once again paid tribute to those who were killed in the terrorist attacks of 9/11. District members, friends, and families were invited to attend the annual remembrance.

8/22 - On the 22nd of August, Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District donated a 1984 Pierce Engine to Vaca District. It replaces E265, which has been out of service.
We will also receive a replacement for the State OES unit. This should also be complete by mid-September.

8/9 - Fire Muster – State Champions
Our muster teams attended a Muster in Firebaugh on July 12-13 and came home 1st place winners in the Women’s and Men’s Motorized Hose Wagon categories. Then, on August 9-10, they attended the State Championship in Elk Grove. Our women’s team placed 2nd and the men’s team took 3rd. Overall, our teams came back winners. The women’s motorized hose wagon team received 2nd place honors in the State Championship.

Jul 26 - Both B67 & OES244 have been dispatched to the Telegraph Fire in Mariposa

July 19th - All Strike Team Units are home safe and sound.

July 4th - The District conducted fire patrols.  ALL Fireworks are ILLEGAL in Solano County

July 2nd - Added 2 Seasonal Firefighters to the paid staff to assist during Fire season.

June - OES244 Is currently at the Shasta Lighting Complex.

June 21 -  B67 responded with a type 3 Strike Team to help with all the fires up North at the Humboldt Complex Fire.  There is a Relief crew  being sent up Saturday 6/28

June 21/22 - Numerous VFPD Units responded and assisted with the fire in the Twin Sisters (Napa) Fire.

June 11th - OES244 responded to assist with the Humboldt Fire in Butte County. Some of their assignments were structure protection in the Honey Run road area, Protecting and saving the historical Honey Run Wood Covered Bridge. They also had been assigned to provide structure protection in the Paradise City area. The team returned home 6/18.

June - Three promotions announced for station 64:
  Captain Phil Jones
  Captain Paul Dahlen
  Engineer Dan McCalmon

June - The District brought on 4 new firefighters. 2 of them are former VFPD Junior firefighters.

May 24 - Members participated in the Vacaville Fiesta Days Parade, taking First Place in Antique Fire Truck category. 

May 22 - OES 244 was dispatched to assist on the Summit Fire in Santa Clara and Santa Cruz Counties. The Strike team returned home Tuesday May 27th at noon.

April 30th - The District participated in the 31 Cent Scoop Night at Baskin-Robbins® and helped honor America’s firefighters. This was a joint event with the Vacaville City Fire Department. 

April 26 - Members participated in the Winters Youth Day Parade, taking First Place in Antique Fire Truck category. 

April 21 - The Fire District welcomed 6 new volunteers to the department.

April 1 - Captain Rick Kune retired from the Vacaville Protection District after spending 27+ years with the district.

March - The District conducted new recruit training which consists of training and testing all new recruits.

2/23/08 - We celebrated our 50th annual Buck Stew.  As usual, the dinner was delicious!  At least 160 guests attended.

Jan/08 - After more than 20 years, John Hogg resigned his position on the Vacaville Fire Protection District's Board of Directors

Jan/08 - Assistant Chief Boyd Clegg was awarded the Firefighter of the Year.  Sarah Breiling was awarded the Junior Firefighter of the Year

2008 Fire Muster Dates posted on the "Muster Team" page.

Jan/08 - New Vacaville Volunteer Firemen's Association 2008's elected officers:
President: Doug Rogers
Vice Pres: Gary D Robinson
Secretary: Evan Weinzinger
Treasurer: Howard Wood

Dec/08 - It truly was a wonderful Christmas dinner.  With the help of the FireBelles and our expert cooks, Rick Keune and Steve Gill, about 80 people enjoyed a delicious dinner and all the festivities that followed.  Yes, Santa Claus was able to attend this year.

11/24 - OES244 was dispatched to assist with the wind event in Southern California.  The unit made as far as Madera, spent the night and then cancelled.

10/24 - Our District sent 2 Units along with other units from Solano County to Southern California  to assist with the Fire Storm.  Brush 67 went to the Witch Fire east of Ramona (197,990 acres). OES 244 went to the Rice Fire near Fallbrook (9,472 acres)

The District held public meetings regarding the Assessment Project in October and November.
Station 68 Lake Solano, 9am Saturday, Oct. 6th
Station 67 English Hills, 7pm, Wednesday, Oct 17th
Station 65 Elmira, 9am, Saturday, Oct 20
Station 64 Vine, 7pm, Wednesday, Nov 7

10/13 - Vaca District held its biannual open house at Station 64 on October 13.  It was a huge success.

10/27 - Harvest Days "Chili Cook-Off" sponsored by the Vacaville Fire Protection District was held at the Nut Tree Family Park on October 27

9/11 - Approximately 30personnel attended the remembrance at Station 64 to honor and remember the victums of September 11th.

9/4/07 - Our district was called out for a strike team to assist at the "Lick" fire in Santa Clara County.  (47,760 acres)

9/15/07 - Our district was called out for a "Type 3" and "Type 1" strike team to assist at the "Butler 2" fire in San Bernardino County (14,039 acres)

July 07 - Muster team returned from Tulare STATE CHAMPIONS!
1st Place Motorized Hose Wagons, Class II
2nd Place Motorized Hose Wagons, Class II

7/15/07 - This year Chief Wood added two seasonal firefighters to assist the paid staff. On July 15th Josh Hotchkiss and Steve Pascznk were hired to work until October 6th.

Vaca District's Muster team returned from the Firebaugh winners!
1st Place: Motorized Hose Wagons Open Div. Speed Class II
1st Place: Motorized Hose Wagons Women's Div Class II

Approximately 25 members patrolled the district on the 4th of July from 7 to 11pm.  Our patrolling paid off, there were no incidents in Vaca District.

MUSTER TEAM: Attended the muster in Elk Grove on Jun 22nd.  The team came home with 2nd plce for:
  Motorized Hose Wagons, Women's Speed Division, Class II
  Motorized Hose Wagons, Open Speed Division, Clas II

6/2007 - In June VFPD welcomed a new director to the Board of Directors, Nellie Walters.  Nellie might be new to the Board, but not to the district.  She has been a silent supporter of the District for years.

6/25/07 - OES 244 was dispatched to assist with the "Angora" fire in South Lake Tahoe which burned more than 3,100 acres.

6/16/07 - MDA Fill the Boot.  Saturday, June 16th VFPD along with Vacaville City Fire Department conducted a "Fill the Boot" campaign at Nut tree and Orange Drive which helped raise $19,826 for Muscular Dystrophy.

5/2007 - In May Daniel McCalmon became our newest paid firefighter

5/7/07 - On May 7th VFPD had new volunteers join the ranks:
St 64 - 6 firefighters
St 65 - 4 firefighters
St 67 - 2 firefighters

Wildfire Awareness Week
The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) Communications Office is preparing for Wildfire Awareness Week 2007 (May 6-12) promoting the theme, "Why 100 feet?... Because defensible space is YOUR responsibility." The week will include a series of events statewide to educate the public about wildland fire prevention.

CAL FIRE will now be used in reference to CDF and the California Department of Forestry & Fire Protection. Assembly Bill 1423 allows CDF to be refered to as CAL FIRE where appropriate.
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